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History of YOUGAR
1999   l
Established Yougar Enterprise inc. to supply all kinds of wire EDM Consumables.
2000   l
Incorporated into a stock corporation.
Established the YIJIA Metal of the limited partnership in Shanghai China.
2002   l
Developped Abrasives business.
2005   l
Developped Cutting tools business.
2006   l
Developped Mold-welder Machine business.
2007   l
Developped EXCETEK Wire-edm Machine business.
2008   l
Developped Small hole drill-EDM Machine business.
2009   l
Created YGS Small Hole Drill-EDM Machine.
2010   l
Our company name is change from ˇ°YOUGAR ENTERPRISE INC.ˇ±toˇ°YOUGAR M&T INC.ˇ±
2014   l
Created high-end Big size submerged YGS-75C machine.
2015   l
Created Head moving type YGS -43C & Table type YGS-43Z
Obtain CE & EMC certification